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Andrea Büttner: Shame

From shaming and shamefulness to shame-avoidance and shamelessness, the experience of shame influences our social behaviours, decisionmaking abilities, and desires. Shame determines what we show and what we hide. And yet, as an emotion that begs for its own concealment, what is the structure and appearance of shame? How does shame interact with the realm of the visible, and where does it surface in visual culture? In this extensive historical and contemporary analysis of shame and its power, artist Andrea Büttner probes the definitions and representations of shame. The book includes close readings of Sigmund Freud’s writings on play and fantasy, challenges theoretical approaches to Andy Warhol’s queer performativity on film, and frames Dieter Roth’s representations of shame in his writing and moving image work. 

Andrea Büttner (b. 1972, Stuttgart) lives and works in Berlin. Her practice connects art history with social or ethical issues, exploring broad-ranging topics such as poverty, work, community, belief, botany, Catholicism, and philosophy. Her work is based on thorough research into specific areas or situations, and is articulated through diverse formats including printmaking, sculpture, painting, weaving, photography, and video.

Edited by KW Associate Curator Mason Leaver-Yap. Published by Koenig Books in collaboration with KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin. 

Cologne 2020

13,8 x 20 cm

128p, paperback

EUR 18.00